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Who has sponsored BSDCan so far?

20th Anniversary BSDCan Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank you for considering a BSDCan sponsorship! Your help produces tangible short- and long-term benefits for the global BSD community and the organizations that use our software. BSDCan provides the community with a project-neutral forum for BSD operating system developers, users, and enterprises.

Your valuable sponsorship will ensure the success of BSDCan by allowing us to bring in speakers and rent facilities. For more information, or to become a sponsor, please write to

Sponsorship Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Complimentary Registrations 10 5 2 1
Main Hall Signage Yes No No No
T-Shirt Display Prominent Logo Logo Logo By Name
Tote Bag Inserts Multi-Page Multi-Page Multi-Page Single Page
Permitted Endorsement "BSDCan 2024 Platinum Sponsor" "BSDCan 2024 Gold Sponsor" "BSDCan 2024 Sponsor" "BSDCan 2024 Sponsor"
Exhibition Table Yes Yes Yes No
Website and Opening/Closing Mentions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sponsorship (USD) $15,000 or more $10,000 $5,000 $2,500

Special Sponsorships

Travel Social Event Caffeine Signage
We take pride in providing presenter travel and accommodations. Help us continue to do that! Help everyone relax and celebrate! A major sponsor would be great but we can do it as a team! Caffeine goes in, code comes out. Make that happen! "We can't have too many signs."
$100 and up $1000 and up $200 and up $50 and up

A/V Sponsorships

Collectively, the BSDCons have paid WAY too much to rent streaming hardware and with A/V Team members attending many of the same events, the A/V team has identified some strategic components that can serve many events for years to come. Please help us purchase these for use at BSDCan 2024, EuroBSDcon 2024, and beyond!

Capture Devices Decimator Converters ATEM Switchers Cameras with Lenses
Presentation goes in, stream comes out for all to see. Traversing a large room is difficult.
Decimate us with the right gear!
Live streaming is indistinguishable from magic.
ATEMs do the heavy lifting.
Smile for the camera.
You ARE ready for your close-up.
$200 $500 $1500 $3000

Sponsor today with or contact for more options!

NOTE: Direct payment of speaker travel and accommodations will count towards your sponsorship level. Speaker travel is one of our top expenses, and every form of contribution helps. Covering the cost of your organization's speakers helps tremendously and we appreciate assistance for additional speakers!

Complimentary Registrations

Sponsors can register on the Registration page and mail list of their approved attendees. Complimentary registrations do not include tutorials.

Main Hall Signage

Sponsors can raise their posters, free-standing banners, or other signage in the mail hall outside the meeting rooms. Sponsors must provide all materials.

T-Shirt Display

Sponsor logos will appear on the back of the conference T-shirts. Please provide us a high-resolution black-and-white image of your organization logo at least four weeks before the conference.

Tote Bag Inserts

Sponsors can provide printed flyers or small promotional items to be placed in conference tote bags. Please provide such materials one week before the conference begins. To avoid shipping charges, you can have materials printed locally. We have used and recommend Staples for this purpose. They have an online Copy and Print Center which we use for our our materials. By arrangement, we can pick up your printing prior to the conference and invoice you for the printing. Staples does not accept online payment for this service. We use this Staples location:

Staples Ottawa Core
403 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y6
+1 (613) 235-2525

The University of Ottawa also has DocUcenter for print and related services, which is very close to the conference venue. All promotional material should delivered, or ready for pickup, no sooner than 25 May and not later than 29 May.

Permitted Endorsement

Proudly declare your support of BSDCan on your web site, flyers, tattoos, or other promotional material.

Exhibition Table

We will reserve an 8-foot table with two chairs and an electrical outlet in the exhibition hall for your organization's promotional efforts.

Web Site and Opening/Closing Mentions

Your organization will be listed on our sponsors page, with a link to your organization. Your logo will appear in the slides for the opening and closing sessions and the presenter will thank you.

For more information, or to become a sponsor, please write to

U of O Campus
About Ottawa

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