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NOTE: The previously reported problem regarding photographs and attachments has been fixed. Please upload photographs to your personal profile and attached slides etc to your event.

This page contains notes regarding the proposal submission process for BSDCan 2023.

Various notes for Speakers

Travel and Accommodation for speakers

  • If your submission is accepted, funds are available for travel and accommodation. We prefer to pay for the travel rather than reimburse you. Reimbursement can take quite some time. We apologize for that.
  • If you, or your employer, pays for your travel/accommodation, they are eligible for listing as a sponsor.

Registration for speakers

  • Speakers should register for the conference.
  • Speakers do not pay conference registration fees.
  • Speakers will be given a should register using registration type 'Speaker'
  • Speakers, if they wish to attend tutorials, must pay for those tutorials

Speaker profiles/biographies

  • You must complete your speaker profile.
  • Speakers who do not complete their biographies will be hounded.
  • Speakers who need hounding remove resources from key conference activities.
  • If you need hounding, you will endure the wrath of the Conference Organizer.
  • Few speakers survive hounding.

Submitting your proposal

  • Please submit all proposals through

    NOTE: Descriptions of 45 minute talks are expected to be at least two paragraphs (or 100 words) long, and give a clear idea of what will be covered in the talk and how it will be covered.

    Descriptions for tutorials should have the same, plus a detailed outline. Talk submissions without an adequate description are liable to be rejected.

    There are two main areas of information you need to complete:

    1. Person
    2. Event

    If you have any questions, please contact

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