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Some but not all hotels will honour the group rate for a day or two before and/or after the conference - check with the hotel directly for clarification.

On or Near UOttawa Campus

Les Suites

Rate code/password: 27452

Premiere One Bedroom Suites: C$239/night (single or double occupancy)
Premiere Two Bedroom Suites: C$359/night (single or double occupancy)
Parking is an additional $28/day.

No cut-off date, but also no guaranteed availability.  First-come, first-served, so book early!

  • "Apartment-style" 700-1000sq.ft. rooms include fully-equipped kitchens, desk, en suite laundry, WiFi and private balconies.  On-site 24hr business centre, 24hr fitness centre, and indoor pool.  See hotel brochure in English or in French for details.  Check directly with hotel regarding any public-health-related restrictions on the use of the pool, fitness centre, etc.
  • Rates are based on availability - book early to ensure you can get the group rate.  Rates are also valid for up to 3 nights before and after the conference, when available.
  • Rates subject to applicable tax and fees.
  • Book online here.

130 Besserer St., Ottawa, ON, K1N 9M9
Reservations: (613) 232-2000 or (800) 267-1989
Fax: (613) 232-1242

Lord Elgin

Lord Elgin Hotel offers University of Ottawa guests a discount of 15% off their "best available rate".  Contact the hotel directly for reservations.

100 Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5K8
Tel: (613) 235-3333 or (800) 267-4298
Fax: (613) 235-3406

UOttawa Residences - U90

Rate code: PGBSD2023 - guaranteed until April 1st, 2023.  UOttawa may or may not honour that rate after that date, depending on availability; see below.

  • U90 Residence 2-bedroom suites: $133/night (that's $150.29 after taxes, for up to 4 person occupancy)
  • No group rates have been negotiated for other residence buildings - call UOttawa Housing Services for more information about staying in e.g. Friel residence and others.
  • Rates are only valid May 16th through May 20th (i.e. checking out on May 21st), 2023. If you are staying before or after these dates, you will have to make two separate reservations. Email or call U90 to ensure you can stay in the same room throughout your entire stay.
  • Rates based on availability - book early to ensure you can get the group rate.
  • Limited parking is available for an additional fee: check with the Residence when booking.
  • Breakfast vouchers are not available - several nearby restaurants serve breakfast.
  • We sometimes have a small number of these rooms remaining after April 1st, check with us if you are unable to get a room after that date.
Book online at or call Housing Services at (888) 564-4545 or (613) 562-5885, or email

Other Nearby Hotels

Some other hotels that we know are close to the conference site include:

Group rates have not been negotiated with these.  This is not an exhaustive list - there are many additional hotels within walking distance.


Reminder: parking in downtown Ottawa is generally not free, unlike some other locations in North America.

Please assume you will have to pay, and that you will have to arrange it in advance, to avoid frustration when you are traveling with a vehicle.


While on campus:

  • UOttawa's guest WiFi is connected to CANARIE, Canada's NREN that links at ultra-high-speed (100G+) to other educational and research networks around the world, including e.g. NSFnet, HEAnet, NORDUnet, etc. Commercial internet throughput has been reasonable in previous years.
  • U90 Residence WiFi is provided by a commercial carrier.  Speeds have been good in previous years.


  • Hotels typically provide free WiFi.  Quality varies from unusable to acceptable -YMMV.
  • Many businesses in downtown Ottawa provide free WiFi, of varying quality.


  • Cellular service in Ottawa is generally excellent.
  • If you do not have a decent roaming plan, pre-paid SIM cards and eSIMs are available both before you leave home (google "canada travel sim"), and once you arrive: most corner stores and gas (petrol) stations sell pre-paid SIM cards that include some data.  The prices you see are probably correct, by the way - Canada has some of the most expensive cellular service in the world.
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