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What is BSD?

Call for papers

BSDCan is an enormously successful grass-roots style conference. It brings together a great mix of *BSD developers and users for a nice blend of both developer-centric and user-centric presentations, food, and activities.

The Call for Papers for 2019 has closed. Please subscribe to our announce mailing list to be notified when the CFP for near year opens.

In the meantime, for reference, these were the instructions for submitting a proposal to BSDCan 2019.

The talks will have a very strong technical content bias. Proposals of a business development or marketing nature are not appropriate for this venue.


The schedule was:

1 Dec 2018Proposals acceptance begins
19 Jan 2019Proposals acceptance ends
19 Feb 2019Authors of accepted proposals contacted

Recording of the talks

We have taken video recordings of talks in the past and plan to do so in the future. They are made freely available at no charge.

NOTE: In order for recording to occur, you must not use the computer located within the podium. i.e. use your own laptop, not the venue-supplied computer.


We hope the following answers a few frequently asked questions.

  • If your talk is accepted, you are expected to present your talk in person.
  • Speakers must register but do not pay conference fees. Tutorials not included.
  • We usually have funds for your flight and accommodation. You pay for your own food and drink.
  • There will be a digital projector available in each lecture room.
  • There will be a wireless LAN available at the conference.
  • What constitutes a proposal? Here are the proposals from a previous year. We will also require a short biography.
  • When you make an update at, those changes are not automatically pushed to the website. That is done manually by the organizors. If you have updates to be pushed from papers to www, please email
  • If you wish to email your tutorial attendees, please send the email to, and we will forward it to the attendees.
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