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What is BSD?


All prices in Canadian dollars (except those in the USD column) and include all taxes.

NOTE: the prices for the two day conference do not include the two days of tutorials. Tutorials are additional.

Individual - One day$130$130
Corporate 1$350$350
Additional Corporate 2$200$200
Student 3$60$60
University of Ottawa Staff/Student/Faculty 4$45$45
Tutorials (each, not included with above prices)$75 (per half day)$75
Closing Party (Saturday night) 5$30$30

* - USD values are shown only for those paying by cheque, in USD.

1 - If your employer is paying for you to attend the conference, you should register as Corporate. If you are paying for the conference out of your own pocket, please register as Individual.

2 - Each additional person from the same corporation.

3 - You must provide valid student ID when picking up your registration pack.

4 - You must provide valid ID from University of Ottawa when picking up your registration pack.

5 - We are planning closing party on Saturday. $30 will pay for all your food. Vegans, Vegetarians, and Carnivores will all be catered for. Non-alcoholic beverages will be freely available.

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Gold Sponsors

Google's Open Source Team


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How will registration work?

Registration is a 5 step process:

  1. Enter your personal details (name, address, email, etc).
  2. Select your conference registration type (Student, Corporate, etc).
  3. Optionally select any tutorials, t-shirts, etc
  4. Submit your payment (via credit card, Paypal, cheque).
  5. Receive your confirmation email from BSDCan.

You will get two emails from BSDCan. The first email indicates that your registration information has been received (it should arrive almost immediately after you complete step 3). The second will arrive after we have received notification of your payment (usually with 48 hours). NOTE: it is not unusual for us to wait until a couple of weeks before the conference to start sending out confirmations. Your registration process is not completed until you receive the confirmation email from BSDCan that indicates everything has been paid in full (i.e. the second email).

NOTE: if you are paying by cheque, it may take 5-14 days to process your payment. Your second email will not arrive until after your cheque has cleared.

Registering multiple people

If you wish to register multiple people:

  • Register each person separately
  • Make one payment
  • Forward the payment confirmation email to and list the names of the people you are paying for

This will help us distribute your payment against each person. If you happen to make multiple payments, forwarding a list of names will also help us follow the trail. Thank you.

Payment methods

BSDCan offers several payment methods.

  • Payment by credit card or Paypal

    We are using Paypal as our primary payment method. If you already have a Paypal account, you may use that. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can use your credit card. Our Paypal address is
  • Payment by cheque

    We accept cheques drawn on Canadian or US banks (in either CAD or USD). Cheques must arrive prior to 1 May 2015. Please mail cheques to our mailing address. NOTE: if you have special circumstances, please contact us and we'll see what we can do.

  • Other payment methods

    Should you wish to use another payment method, please contact us.


BSDCan has a harassment policy. All conference attendees are expected to comply with this policy. Mind you, it's pretty much common sense, courtesy, and plain old good behaviour. Such conduct is pretty much expected within our community and is the norm.

Want to register now?

Registration opened on 2015.03.29.

You can start your registration here (or just click on that link to read more information!).

Already registered?

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