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University of Ottawa Campus

This page contains information about the campus and facilities.

Residence location

The residential complex is located at the middle left of this map. There is no road access to the University from Nicholas. Use Laurier instead. The University has a list of Directions to Main Campus. If you are staying on campus, you can purchase a parking permit when you check in.

The address for residence is 90 University Pvt, Ottawa.

Type of accommodation

The campus accommodation is in two forms: traditional or apartment style. Traditional has either one or two single beds. The apartment style has two-bedroom units includes air conditioning, double size bed, television, kitchenette, private bathroom, and continental breakfast. Please see the University of Ottawa Summer Rates page for further information. For rates, see below.


We highly recommend the Apartment Style room. This suite consists of a small kitcken, a bathroom, and two bedrooms, each with a double bed, phone, and TV. The suites are air-conditioned. In addtion, there *may* be internet connectivity in the suites but that is *not* guaranteed.

Group Booking

The Apartment Style room is CAD$95 per night, for a two bedroom unit. With taxes, that is $105.45. This year, the University is providing breakfast for those staying in residence.

  • Breakfast is across the street in the cafeteria
  • It is a contintental breakfast
  • You will receive breakfast tickets when you check-in at the residence
  • Breakfast is from 7am - 9am (please confirm at check-in)

The booking number is 174163

University residence contact details

NOTE: The residence apartment style accommodation is full. You can still call and check, just in case they've had a cancellation. Or you can go into the dorms, which are not quite as nice as the apartments. Alternatively, book one of the rooms at Les Suites with a friend.

If you wish to book one of these rooms, the following contacts are available:

  • 1-888-564-4545
  • (613) 564-5400 ext:5054
  • Fax: (613) 564-6530

Experience shows that telephone reservations are best. The desk is open 24 hours a day.

When this page is updated, an email will be sent to the announcement mailing list.

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