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This page contains information to help plan your trip.

Planning your trip

All prices are in CAD$ and do not include taxes of 15%.

We recommend arriving on May 12 and staying until May 15. We are planning post-BSDCan events on the Sunday following the main event.

If you are flying in, you may wish to consider flying into Montreal and then taking the 2 hour train to Ottawa for about CAD$70. The train station is about 3.5km (or 5-10 minutes) by car from the University (we advise against walking this route, which is along major highways).

If flying into Ottawa, the airport is about 20 minutes, by car, from the University. The #97 bus will take you right to the University for only $2.60. A taxi will be about CAD$25.

Bus? The Greyhound bus station is about 4km from the train station. You can catch a cab.

Conference attendees are responsible for booking their own accommodation. Meals and accommodation are not included in your conference registration fee.

Getting into Canada

The Government of Canada website lists the full official requirements on what is required to visit Canada.

For most countries a passport is sufficient. We recommend USA citizens obtain passports for this visit to ensure a comfortable experience at the border.

If you require a travel VISA, please arrange this immediately. Sometimes the process is unpredictable and it may require some special attention to complete the process.

Staying on Campus

NOTE: The University says their 2005 rates will be the same as they were in 2004. They have not updated their website yet and the page still refers to 2004.

The conference is being held at the University of Ottawa. Accommodation and meals are available on campus as well as at hotels and nearby establishments, all within a short walking distance.

The campus accommodation is in two forms: traditional or apartment style. Traditional has either one or two single beds. The apartment style has two-bedroom unit includes air conditioning, double size bed, television, kitchenette, private bathroom, and continental breakfast. Please see the University of Ottawa Summer Rates page for details. In short, the costs are (all prices in this section include taxes):

  • Traditional residence
    • Adults
      • Single bed room $44.80
      • Twin bed room $67.20
    • Students
      • Single bed room $33.60
      • Twin bed room $51.52
  • Apartment Style
    • $99.00 (+tax)

To book a room on campus:

  • The direct number is (613) 564-5400. Press 0 to get to reception, and then ask to book a room. Please confirm the price with them when you call. Other contact methods:
    • (613) 564-5400 ext:5054
    • 1-888-564-4545
    • Fax: (613) 564-6530


Nearby hotels include:

  • Les Suites
    130 Besserer Street
    Ottawa, ON

    • a map is here
    • One bedroom suite, 1 person, with pull-out couch, CAD$169.
    • Two bedroom suite, 1-4 people, CAD$229.

    In both cases, you can have more people, at additional cost. Please call them for details.

    The booking code for for Les Suites is not yet available. Just mention BSDCan.

  • Quality Inn
    290 Rideau St
    Ottawa, ON


When this page is updated, an email will be sent to the announcement mailing list.

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