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BSDCan 2015
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Stephen Bourne

Steve Bourne is known for his work on the UNIX operating system. He spent 20 years in senior engineering management roles at Cisco, Sun, Digital Equipment and Silicon Graphics. Since 2000 he has been Chief Technology Officer at El Dorado Ventures in Menlo Park, California.

Prior to that Steve spent nine years at AT&T Bell Laboratories where he was a member of the Seventh Edition UNIX team. He designed the UNIX Command Language or "Bourne Shell". He also wrote the “adb” debugger. In 1983, he published the book "The UNIX System".

He holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics from King's College London, a Diploma in Computer Science from Cambridge University and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Trinity College in Cambridge, England.

After graduating, Steve worked at the Cambridge Mathematical Laboratory. During that time he was wrote the Cambridge ALGOL 68C compiler. The compiler is still working and has been recently ported to ia86. This was one of the first compilers to be written in its own language using a register based intermediate language.

Steve is a Fellow and Past President of the ACM, a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and a Fellow of the Cambridge Philosophical Society. At ACM he is Eic of ACM Queue - a magazine for software professionals.