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BSDCan 2015
The Technical BSD Conference

Stacey Son

Stacey Son has been using BSD since college where he first used 4.2BSD on a VAX 11/780 and has been a BSD developer ever since. He founded a couple of successful companies using BSD (first BSDi's BSD/OS and later FreeBSD) in their core products. Stacey is now an independent consultant and has done BSD related kernel development work for the University of Cambridge, SRI International, and Apple. He has been a FreeBSD source committer since 2008.

Stacey got distracted in while working on his PhD by BSD and founded successful custom firewall and internet web hosting companies. He dropped out of his PhD program to pursue these BSD-related interests full-time but did complete BSCi/MSci degrees in computer engineering. His recent projects include various CTSRD CHERIbsd (clean-slate hardware and software designs for security) work, adding Qemu user-mode support for FreeBSD, transparent miscellaneous binary image activator for FreeBSD, various PMAP related work including superpage and referenced bit emulation for FreeBSD/MIPS64, code signing support and testing for an experimental VM system in Mac OSX, various FIPS 140-2 certification related work for Mac OSX including the kernel crypto module and adapting various open source software such as OpenSSL in Mac OSX to use Apple's CommonCrypto, various Common Criteria related work for Mac OSX including the kernel audit subsystem and audit session tracking for securityd and launchd, FreeBSD kevent user filters and kernel thread work queues support for libdispatch, lockstat kernel provider, /dev/ksyms and command-line tools for FreeBSD Dtrace, and other mostly BSD kernel things. Stacey calls Dallas, Texas home but can also be found living near Park City, Utah especially in the summers.


sson at FreeBSD dot org