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BSDCan 2017
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Julie Percival

Dr. Julie EB Percival

is a recent graduate of the Public Policy and Political Economy program at the University of Texas at Dallas, which is a fancy way of saying she is a statistical analysis nerd that likes studying how groups of people self-organize. She has been actively involved in the community for several years now, and has spoken on the topic of IP address allocation policy as a common pool good at NANOG 64, is an ARIN 38 Fellow, and gave a lightning talk presentation at the last MeetBSD. Her book in progress, "Martha's Children" (working title) is about the parallels between IT infrastructure community norms and the scientific community norms, as well as some of the industry's unique variations on those themes. She currently works for the U.S. government as a labor economist at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is part of the Department of Labor. Dr. Percival lives in Dallas, Texas with her spouse Ray Percival, two kids, two cats, and one dog. She enjoys geeking out over obscure technical issues, game theory, the history of science, political philosophy, and science fiction.


juliefriday at gmail dot com