BSDCan2017 - 0722d

BSDCan 2017
The Technical BSD Conference

D'Arcy Cain
Day Talks #1 - 9 June - 2017-06-09
Room DMS 1140
Start time 10:00
Duration 01:00
ID 864
Event type Lecture
Track System Administration
Language used for presentation English

Centrally managing an ISP with NetBSD and PostgreSQL

As a small ISP providing a wide variety of services the challenge we have is to keep track of every service, maintain consistent systems and make sure that everything served is billed.

Vybe Networks Inc. is a small ISP providing a number of services to our clients. We want to provide a simple interface that allows them to control everything. The system should manage all the configuration with minimal human interaction beyond activating clients and selecting services. some of the services we need to manage are:

  • email (regular and virtual)
  • web sites (regular and virtual)
  • shell accounts
  • databases (PostgreSQL and MySQL)
  • telephones
  • PBXs
  • NetTask Manager (task management server)

This presentation talks about how we manage this.