BSDCan2015 - ZI

BSDCan 2015
The Technical BSD Conference

Warner Losh

Warner Losh has been a FreeBSD developer for the past two decades. He's contributed in many areas of the system from kernel subsystems to user land device configuration to taking a shot at cleaning up the build system.

Warner Losh has been interested in computers since a very early age. He got his degree from a small school in the middle of New Mexico where he used 4.2BSD on the VAX 11/750. He's done a little GUI work, and a lot of kernel work in BSD, Solaris and even Linux. In the mean time, he's amused himself and his employers by writing or improving FreeBSD's PC Card, CardBus, USB, SD/MMC, PCI and device configuration subsystems. He's embedded FreeBSD into products for the past 14 years. He served on the FreeBSD core team. For many years, he worked in the high precision time and frequency domain creating FreeBSD-based embedded systems. These systems ranged from simply recovering time from UTC from GPS to participating in common view measurements of atomic clocks to feed data to the BIPM which defines UTC. He worked for three years building high-speed PCIe flash cards for Fusion I/O. For the past year he's been working with the Netflix streaming division to help optimize storage performance in their video streaming appliances. He lives in a straw-bale house that is wonderfully energy efficient with his wife, son, two dogs and rather demanding and unpredictable cat.


imp at bsdimp dot com