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BSDCan 2015
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Ed Schouten

Ed Schouten is the owner of Nuxi, the Netherlands.

Ed Schouten started contributing to FreeBSD back in 2005, when he helped Rink Springer port FreeBSD to the Microsoft Xbox. After re-implementing the TTY layer (that's part of FreeBSD 8 and later), he worked on various other projects that eventually made their way into FreeBSD. Ed was the author of FreeBSD's "ClangBSD" branch, aimed at importing Clang into FreeBSD's base system. Later on he developed an initial prototype of a new console driver that's now imported into the system, called vt(4).

Last year, Ed started his own IT company called Nuxi, based in the Netherlands. He is currently working on developing new infrastructure aimed at making cluster/cloud computing easier, more robust and more secure.


ed at FreeBSD dot org