BSDCan2015 - ZI

BSDCan 2015
The Technical BSD Conference

Ray Percival
Day Talks #2 - 13 June - 2015-06-13
Room DMS 1140
Start time 11:30
Duration 01:00
ID 575
Event type Lecture
Track System Administration
Language used for presentation English

Networking with OpenBSD in a virtualized environment

Virtualized systems running on hypervisors such as bhyve, ESXi, Xen, etc are increasingly important in the datacenter. With a long history of stable regular releases, security, and networking performance OpenBSD is very well suited to take advantage of virtualization and to help improve the state of the art.

This presentation will explore why OpenBSD is well suited to deploying as virtual network devices on the various hypervisors and present practical examples of using OpenBSD for production networking in a virtual system. I will discuss what tools are in base, what tools are easily installable from ports/packages, current automation and management tools, and how to use them effectively using specific real world examples from large data center networks.

Will present examples and methods for using OpenBSD to build routers, firewalls, and loadbalancers running on the various hypervisors. Will talk about methods for automating deployment, configuration, and integration with existing vendors. Will also address possible future applications in switching. Will discuss how to use the tools in OpenBSD to run a better and faster network with fewer problems and how virtualization can be part of that.

In addition to the above I will discuss why the OpenBSD community in particular should care about virtualization and work to improve the state of engineering there.