BSDCan2014 - Final

BSDCan 2014
The Technical BSD Conference

Benno Rice

Benno Rice is a Principal Software Engineer at EMC's Isilon Storage Division. He also started the FreeBSD port to the PowerPC architecture and the Gumstix ARM board. FreeBSD user since 2.1.something.

Benno started his career at an ISP where he ran some FreeBSD systems that acted in various roles including an NNTP server (remember those?) and even as a router. He then progressed into development and, while between jobs, bought a PowerPC iMac and began porting FreeBSD to it. Unfortunately the market for FreeBSD work in Australia is rather anaemic and he became lost in the userland wilderness for a long time. He spent several years working on various projects, primarily in Python although also in iOS and web applications. He then came to the attention of EMC's Isilon Division and was successfully brought back into the FreeBSD fold.

He currently lives in Australia with his wife and several children and has a bad habit of being overly ambitious when it comes to cooking.