BSDCan2014 - Final

BSDCan 2014
The Technical BSD Conference

Bob Beck

Bob Beck has been an OpenBSD developer since 1995, and has been involved in many areas of the Operating System from the kernel through userland - having dabbled in uvm/cache, device drivers, several OS daemons, pf, spamd, OpenSSH as well as the original integration of SSLeay, and now the LibreSSL fork. Bob is a director of the not-for-profit OpenBSD foundation that supports OpenBSD, LibreSSL and related projects.

For a living, Bob works as an independent consultant specializing in lower level software development, security, nerd herding, and the extraction of excess blown sunshine.

Bob lives in Edmonton Alberta with the most patient woman on the planet, two grown children, three cats and a dog. For fun he likes hiking in the backcountry (OpenBSD actually being a hiking group with a serious software development problem), as well as travelling, and occasionally causing the premature demise of magnificent forest creatures that taste good.