BSDCan2013 - Final

BSDCan 2013
The Technical BSD Conference


Reyk Floeter

Reyk Floeter works as a freelance consultant and software developer with a focus on OpenBSD, networking, and security. He lives in Hannover, Germany, but works with international customers like Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ) in Tokyo.

As a member of the OpenBSD project, he contributed various features, fixes, networking drivers and daemons since 2004, like OpenBSD’s ath, trunk, vic, hostapd, relayd, snmpd, and iked. For more than nine years and until mid-2011, he was the CTO & Co-Founder of .vantronix where he gained experience in building, selling and deploying enterprise-class network security appliances based on OpenBSD.


reyk at openbsd dot org