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Tutorials will be held on 10 and 11 May, 2006.

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Building Clusters With FreeBSD

This tutorial will be composed of two somewhat intertwined parts. The first part will be a updated and extended version of the talk on cluster architecture considerations I gave at BSDCon 2003 based on several more years of experience. The idea is to hit the major design points cluster builders need to address. This part is platfrom neutral.

The second part will be a detailed overview of the FreeBSD features I've used to build and manage my cluster. In particular diskless booting, useful ports, and some specifics of configuring Sun Grid Engine and Ganglia.

This will be a half-day tutorial.

speaker: Brooks Davis

location: SITE F0126

Debugging Kernel Problems

Intended Audience

Kernel developers and experienced system adminstrators. The tutorial assumes a good working knowledge of UNIX systems administration and the C programming language. A knowledge of kernel internals will be helpful, but is not essential. Depending on prior experience, participants will learn to locate and either fix or report kernel bugs.


This tutorial will show debugging techniques on live systems. The operating system for most of the tutorial will be FreeBSD, but it will explain the (relatively small) differences in NetBSD and OpenBSD. The course material, over 180 pages long, is a draft of a forthcoming book on the subject.

This will be a half-day tutorial.

speaker: Greg Lehey

location: SITE F0126

Firewalling with PF
The objective of the tutorial is to show you the tools and methods for taking control of your network traffic - keeping some of it safely inside or outside your network, directing traffic to specific hosts or services, on the fly manual and automatic reconfiguration, flexible resource allocation and protection against cracking, DOSing and spamming.

The tutorial is aimed at seasoned and aspiring network administrators looking for ways to make their environment more efficient and secure. Basic to intermediate familiarity with TCP/IP and unixes required. This will be a half-day tutorial.

speaker: Peter N. M. Hansteen

location: SITE F0126

VoIP and FreeBSD tutorial
VoIP is now leading a revolution in the way the World communicates, and is the rising concept which will allow seamless integration between Voice and data networks. Proprietary systems such as Skype are out there, but what can you do with a FreeBSD machine and some fantasy ? In this tutorial we will introduce the key concepts around VoIP, and we will guide you through the terminology, setup and troubleshoot of a small VoIP network, looking towards a connection to some VoIP providers, setting up a simple IVR system, along with some ideas on how to integrate this work in an existing phone system.

Focus: Beginners of all levels.

This will be a half-day tutorial.

speaker: Massimiliano Stucchi

location: SITE F0126

4 tutorials found

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