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No, BOF isn't the Bay of Fundy. A BOF is a Birds Of a Feather event. This is an informal meeting of people interested in a common topic. It is often a good opportunity to discuss new features, plans, and to hack out solutions to existing problems.

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Agile Programming Methodologies and BSD
For those interested in agile programming methods and how they can be applied to BSD projects.

speaker: D'Arcy Cain

location: SITE lower mezzanine

BoF with the BSDCG
Here's your chance to meet some of the members behind the BSD Certification Group ( and to have your questions regarding BSD Certification answered.

speaker: Dru Lavigne

location: SITE B0138

Google Summer of Code
A group of FreeBSD Summer of Code mentors is going to meet up for a BoF at 5:30 in the upper mezzanine area. Developers interested in helping to mentor students are encouraged to attend. Those involved in the NetBSD SoC effort are also welcome.

speaker: Murray Stokely

location: SITE upper mezzanine


A BoF for people interested in running MySQL on BSD. There are two main areas of discussion:

  • Building MySQL. Currently we have two versions, the MySQL way and the Ports Collection/pkgsrc way. How can we minimize the differences? Can we find a way for the BSD projects to cooperate with the MySQL build team to our mutual benefit?
  • MySQL performance and stability bugs. We've had a number of reports of both kinds of problem on FreeBSD, apparently related to threading. So far we don't have a good idea of where they're coming from.

speaker: Greg Lehey

location: SITE A0150

Open Cryptographic

BOF on the topic of the Open Cryptographic Framework, and moving towards a common "OCF 2.0" capable of doing cryptographic offload of entire ESP/AH packet processing.

Relevant platforms would be FreeBSD, NetBSD (and Linux). I don't yet know if OpenBSD can benefit --- I think that they already have one.

speaker: Michael Richardson

location: SITE H0104

Open Source alternatives to MS Exchange
Items for discussion:
  • Optional Encryption of Email
  • Calendaring and Task Management
  • Shared/Public Mailboxes
  • Backup/Disaster Recovery
  • Automated Out of Office

speaker: Matt Schwartz

location: SITE upper mezzanine

6 BOFs found

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