Conference Schedule - BSDCan 2020

BUG BoF - on IRC - not streamed

Date: 2020-06-06
Time: 12:15 - 13:30
Room: Stream 1
Level: Beginner

All times are based on Ottawa time, which is UTC -4. For example, 9AM is 1300 UTC.

Bug BoF Online:

  • Join us on IRC at Freenode using webchat:
  • Or connecting with your IRC Client of choice:
  • Channel: #metabug
  • Time: 12PM EST 1600 UTC

The goal of this BoF is to bring together people who make up the MetaBUG and anyone interested in BSD User Groups to discuss how to promote the use of the various BSD projects and running a local BUG.

MetaBUG ( is a Global BSD User Group that provides a place for BSD enthusiasts to come together when they themselves do not have a local BUG. As everyone is spread out across the world, the goal of the BUG BoF is to have a meetup in person for members of MetaBUG at the various BSD conferences. In addition to the MetaBUG, various BUG members are encouraged to come and discuss how things are going in their particular area and what techniques might help someone else to start their own local BUG.


Michael Shirk