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BSDCan 2019
The Technical BSD Conference

Jeff Armstrong

Jeff Armstrong is the author of Simply Fortran, a cross-platform Fortran development environment, an on-and-off contributor to the Open Watcom Compiler project, and a hoarder of outdated computing hardware.

Jeff Armstrong is a software developer currently living just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, USA where he develops Simply Fortran, a modern integrated development environment for the Fortran language. He has previously worked as an aerospace engineer and, briefly, as a game developer. His experience in programming centers around Fortran, C, Python, and Lua, though he can stumble around in others. He contributes to the Open Watcom project when he finds either the time or the need, and he continues work on a number of other tiny, open-source projects.

His experience with BSDs started with his purchase of a VAXstation 3100 at a retrocomputing show. He now relies on a NetBSD build server for automating his business's packaging needs, including compiling Windows software on NetBSD.

Outside of computers, Jeff coaches high school soccer, enjoys board games with friends, and produces a silly, unprofessional podcast, Jeff Reads His Book. If see him with a glass of whisky, he'll be happy to babble about any of the above.