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BSDCan 2019
The Technical BSD Conference

Theo Buehler

Theo Buehler is a Swiss mathematician and software developer. He has contributed to OpenBSD and related projects since 2013 and has been an OpenBSD developer since 2015.

Theo was born and raised in Switzerland and studied mathematics at ETH Zurich where he also earned his Ph.D. He specialized in pure mathematics: homological algebra, functional analysis and category theory. He is the author of a research monograph and a graduate textbook. He has held research and teaching positions in Goettingen (Germany) at ETH Zuerich (Switzerland) and taught courses on all academic levels at various European universities.

He has been involved with LibreSSL since early 2018. In a joint effort with Joel Sing and Stuart Henderson he ported the OpenSSL 1.1 API to LibreSSL and did the majority of the work of running Google's Project Wycheproof test vectors against libcrypto. In joint work with Joel Sing, Bob Beck and Brent Cook he is currently working on LibreSSL's TLS 1.3 implementation.

He works as a software developer (Rust and OpenBSD) at ARCATrust SA in Zurich.