BSDCan2019 - 1.8

BSDCan 2019
The Technical BSD Conference

Dan Langille
Day Talks #1 - 17 May - 2019-05-17
Room L140
Start time 18:30
Duration 06:15
ID 1147
Event type Other
Track Social
Language used for presentation English

Hacker Lounge L140

meet, greet, hack

The hacker lounge is on the ground floor of U90. Bring your laptop, enjoy.

Proper behaviour is expected, or you'll be asked to leave. :) If you must ask what proper behaviour is, well, it sounds like you shouldn't be there.

The starting time is flexible, so is the ending time. Just show up. wifi will be available.

In order to play nicely with others, please bring an extension cord / power strip.

Please keep this room tidy and clean.