BSDCan2019 - 1.0.6

BSDCan 2019
The Technical BSD Conference

Michael Dexter
Day Goat BOF - 14 May - 2019-05-14
Room DMS 1140
Start time 10:00
Duration 03:00
ID 1115
Event type Other
Track Plenary
Language used for presentation English



After six years in Tokyo before AsiaBSDCon, bhyvecon is coming to Ottawa! bhyvecon is the only conference dedicated to BSD Hypervisors including FreeBSD/Illumos bhyve, FreeBSD/NetBSD Xen, OpenBSD vmm, and NetBSD Xen/nvmm/HAXM.

bhyvecon Ottawa speakers include:

  • John Baldwin, bhyve Maintainer: bhyve status update and debugging options
  • Kamil Rytarowski: NetBSD nvmm
  • Peter Hessler: OpenBSD vmm at and Conference Tutorials
  • Chuck Tuffli: bhyve Storage Options
  • D Scott Phillips, Intel: edk2 with HTTP network boot update

Please mail Michael Dexter if you have any questions about bhyvecon