BSDCan2014 - Final

BSDCan 2014
The Technical BSD Conference

Matt Ahrens
Day Talks - Day 2 - Sat May 17 - 2014-05-17
Room Montpetit 207
Start time 11:30
Duration 01:00
ID 466
Event type Lecture
Track Invited Talks
Language used for presentation English

OpenZFS: upcoming features and performance enhancements

The OpenZFS project provides a common development hub for all platforms working with open source ZFS code. Currently, it is easy to pull changes from Illumos into FreeBSD, but it is more difficult to submit changes from FreeBSD to Illumos.

This talk will discuss how OpenZFS will enable ZFS code and ideas to flow easily between the Illumos, FreeBSD and ZFS on Linux communities. In addition, I will present several important features and performance enhancements to ZFS in FreeBSD, and also discuss forthcoming enhancements that are in the planning phase.