BSDCan2014 - Final

BSDCan 2014
The Technical BSD Conference

Roger Pau Monné
Day Talks - Day 2 - Sat May 17 - 2014-05-17
Room Montpetit 201
Start time 11:30
Duration 01:00
ID 469
Event type Lecture
Track Hacking
Language used for presentation English

Taking the red pill

Charting the rabbit hole to improve FreeBSD performance on Xen

The Xen hypervisor is a Open Source Type 1 hypervisor, it's widely used on production environments like Amazon EC2 and Rackspace. Since it's inception, one of the focuses of Xen was to be an OS agnostic hypervisor, allowing any kind of OS (with proper Xen support) to act as DomU/Dom0.

This talk will cover how the Xen community works, together with an explanation of the ongoing work in FreeBSD in order to improve Xen support.

This talk will cover the following points:

  • Basic Xen description and specific Xen concepts.
  • How the Xen community works (compared to BSD communities).
  • A look into new Xen features (PVH).
  • Work being done in FreeBSD improving Xen support.
  • Probably a small demo to highlight Xen features.