BSDCan2014 - Final

BSDCan 2014
The Technical BSD Conference

Arun Thomas
Day Talks - Day 1 - Fri May 16 - 2014-05-16
Room Montpetit 201
Start time 16:30
Duration 01:00
ID 484
Event type Lecture
Track Embedded
Language used for presentation English

BSD/ARM Kernel Internals

A Walkthrough of FreeBSD and NetBSD ARM Code

In this talk, I'll discuss how BSD kernels interface with the ARM processor. I will cover the kernel internals of the FreeBSD and NetBSD ARM ports, focusing on ARMv7 primarily.

I will discuss how booting, memory management, exceptions, and interrupts work using plenty of BSD code. This talk is meant to be a quick start guide for BSD hackers who aren't familiar with the ARM architecture.