BSDCan2014 - Final

BSDCan 2014
The Technical BSD Conference

Fabio Balzano

A crazy geek developer and system designer, fully addict of cyberpunk philosophy. System/Network administration, hacking, tinkering, electronic circuits all come included.

He found his origin as IT admin in the Linux world, around 2004/5 he felt the needing of extend his world and soon, he got interested about BSD operative systems, with a strong background of IT and NET administration, he felt really happy to enjoy the power, flexibility, features and performances of FreeBSD and NetBSD OSs. The BSD OSs caught his interests and they became his preferred operative systems. After a warmup year, he enjoyed installing and testing NetBSD and FreeBSD almost everywhere: PS3(fat), ALIX board, Raspberry PI, Beaglebone Black, from very ancient PCs and laptops to ultra modern cluster of servers. Nowadays, he spend the most of his time working on online job platforms to provide IT services to many customers around the world. He is also a good electronic engineer with crazy ideas and originals hardware solutions. He never finish to study and develop knowledge, he is very interested in his geeky world until the point to develop his personal cyberpunk philosophy. His personal research is about developing low level BSD drivers in c language for his electronic devices. He is a strong supporter of the opensource spirit as common way to interoperate and create smart solutions.

**Skills: -IT/Net Admin -Hacking and Tinkering -Beaglebone Black, Raspberry PI and Arduino/Teensy -Custom micro controller systems, sensors circuits designer, PCB layouts designer -XBEE, Bluetooth LE and Internet of things -Embedded devices with ARM, ATMega or ATXMega, ATTiny -Robotic systems and motorized drones. -FREEBSD/NETBSD/Linux expert -Server and networks senior admin -Scraping/crawling automatic systems -HA Linux, DRBD, CRM, heartbeat -VOIP: asterisk/freeswitch, provisioning + WEB services -MAIL systems: postfix, dovecot, spam assassin, virtual, database, LDAP -Firewalls and VPN -Databases -Virtual servers on XEN -Web Services (REST,..) -WEB Servers: Apache, Nginx+UWSGI -Nagios and Cacti monitoring with SNMP

**Languages and Frameworks: -Python, C, LUA, Perl -Pyramid Python and Flask.


fabio dot balzano at elfarolab dot com