BSDCan2014 - Final

BSDCan 2014
The Technical BSD Conference

Ingo Schwarze

Since making mandoc(1) the only documentation formatting utility in the OpenBSD base system, Ingo Schwarze has become one of the two main mandoc developers (together with Kristaps Dzonsons), and recently the more active one. He also maintains the OpenBSD groff(1) port and has contributed to various parts of the OpenBSD userland, for example the Perl rewrite of the security(8) script, as well as smaller contributions to man(1), to the rc.d(8) framework, the yp(8) subsystem, the C library, and various other programs.

After studying in Siegen (supervisor: Prof. Martin Holder), Ingo Schwarze worked in experimental and theoretical high energy physics at CERN (NA48) and in Karlsruhe. Having used various flavours of UNIX and Linux in the nineties, he settled on OpenBSD as his server and desktop operating system of choice in 2000 and joined the project as a developer in the spring of 2009. As a day job, he maintained the central configuration daemon and the MiddleWare of the Astaro Security Gateway (recently renamed to Sophos UTM) for six years and continues to work for SOPHOS, now developing network security services for the Cloud.