BSDCan2014 - Final

BSDCan 2014
The Technical BSD Conference

Dan Langille
Day Tourist day - Sun May 18 - 2014-05-18
Room Out and About
Start time 10:00
Duration 06:00
ID 496
Event type Other
Track Social
Language used for presentation English

Tourist stuff

Spend some time exploring

Explore Ottawa

This is a self-led tour. Nobody will be there to guide you. This is a suggested location where you can meet and decide where to go from there.

Ottawa has a large number of great attractions. Spend some time looking around and explore. Spend as much time as you want with us, or leave early. We will walk everywhere we go. Wear sensible shoes. Bring your camera. We'll probably have lunch somewhere along the way. Consider the weather (sun block, rain coat, umbrella, swim suit).

We will depart from the National Memorial at 9:30 AM if the weather is good.

If it's raining, we'll assemble in the lobby of Residence instead (same time).

If you have ideas/suggestions/plans, please let others know via the forum. From that list, we'll decide what to do on the day.