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If you are going to the BSD/Postgres Docsummit, then you need to turn right as you leave residence. Eventually, you'll see something like this. Continue along in this direction. You are looking for the Brooks building. On the Univeristy map, this is a long building (or series of buildings). You want the northern most extreme of this complex.


You want to go along this pathway and underneath that building.


This is the view as you go under that building and turn left at the end of the block. Then take your next right.


When you get to the corner, you'll be at this intersection, turn left. Continue to the next corner, then turn right (see next photo).


This is your last turn. Brooks is around the corner, first buildilng on the right.


Brooks (BRS) is now immediately ahead of you, on the right, just before the down-ramps into the parking garage. Take the elevator up to the third floor. Turn left out of the elevator, then immediately right. BRS 214 is first on your right


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