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BSDCan 2012
The Technical BSD Conference

Stefan Bethke

Stefan Bethke is 45 and lives in Hamburg, Germany, where he works as a software architect building large-scale enterprise web applications. Stefan started using FreeBSD 2.0.5 in 1995 and has been contributing to the project ever since.

Stefan started studying physics after finishing high school, but was quickly drawn to make his programming hobby into a profession. Over the course of his professional career, he's developed mainly in C, C++, and Java, with a fair bit of Perl, Tcl, and Python thrown in. His wide-ranging experience has taken him from designing a custom GUI for an analog in-circuit tester to implementing PL/SQL business logic, from creating networking utilities to developing iPad apps.

Stefan continues to make small contributions to FreeBSD, mainly in the form of patches. He also maintains a couple of ports. As a long-time user of OpenWrt, he is quite enthusiastic about running his favorite OS on more boxes.

In his spare time, Stefan helps restore historic railroad cars and engines, signalling towers, trams, and a field train as part of a historic railway museum.