BSDCan2011 - Final (with audio).5

BSDCan 2011
The Technical BSD Conference

Julio Manuel Merino Vidal

Julio is the current maintainer of the Automated Testing Framework (ATF) -- the framework used within NetBSD for automated testing -- and the developer of Kyua, a replacement for ATF.

Julio has been a member of The NetBSD Foundation since 2002. He first started his NetBSD contributions as the maintainer of the GNOME packages for pkgsrc. Later, he developed tmpfs in 2005 and the Automated Testing Framework (ATF) in 2007 as Google Summer of Code projects, both of which were imported into the NetBSD tree. These days and when time permits, he is intensively working on Kyua: a more modular and reliable replacement for ATF.

Julio current lives in Dublin, Ireland, where he works for Google as a Site Reliability Engineer in the storage team.


jmmv84 at gmail dot com