BSDCan2011 - Final (with audio).5

BSDCan 2011
The Technical BSD Conference

Ed Maste
Day Talks - 1 - 2011-05-13
Room DMS 1160
Start time 13:30
Duration 01:00
ID 232
Event type Lecture
Track Embedded
Language used for presentation English

FreeBSD at Sandvine

FreeBSD in Sandvine's SVOS

  • What does Sandvine do
  • Why did Sandvine choose FreeBSD
  • Work we've contributed to FreeBSD
  • Where do we want to see FreeBSD and SVOS go?

Sandvine has been using FreeBSD as the basis for our embedded os, SVOS, since FreeBSD 4.7 in 2003. I'll talk about why we chose FreeBSD, what changes we've made to our version, some of the work we've contributed back, and where we see FreeBSD and our contributions going in the future.