BSDCan2008 - Final - we hope

BSDCan 2008
The Technical BSD Conference

Joe Marcus Clarke

Joe Marcus Clarke has been a FreeBSD user since 1995.

He played with various desktop environments and window manages including fvwm, afterstep, and KDE. He finally landed on GNOME, and started submitted patches to the various FreeBSD ports. In April of 2002 he was punished with a ports commit bit to help maintain GNOME on FreeBSD. Since then he has helped produce all of the GNOME 2.x releases for FreeBSD as well as help ports desktop components to FreeBSD such as hal, dbus, and avahi. Marcus also sits on the FreeBSD Ports Management team, and maintains the ports Tinderbox application.

The picture used here was taken using the GNOME application, cheese (part of GNOME 2.22) on a FreeBSD amd64 workstation.