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BSDCan 2008
The Technical BSD Conference


Randall Stewart

Randall Stewart joined Cisco's Internet Technologies Division ((ITD) in July of 2000 and was awarded the title of Cisco Distinguished Engineer in March of 2005.

He is involved in various product solutions, architectures, and core IOS technologies. Currently Focusing on: o Support and feature enhancement of SCTP at Cisco. o Chief Architect of Cisco's next generation platform (Nova). o A variety of IETF working groups having to do with the Transport area and end to end transport technologies.

Previous to Cisco, Mr. Stewart worked at Motorola (where he first developed and standardized SCTP), NYNEX S&T, Bell Northern Research (BNR), and AT&T Communications (Long Lines). In past lives focusing on Unix Operating System development, fault tolerant applications and coall control signaling .


randall at lakerest dot net