BSDCan2008 - Final - we hope

BSDCan 2008
The Technical BSD Conference

John Birrell

John Birrell has been a Unix developer since 1988 and a FreeBSD user since version 1.0.5.

He has a Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Electrical, First Class Honours, 1981) from Monash University in Australia.

Over the years he has developed with various commercial Unix variants such as SysVR2/3, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, OSF/1 and SCO and several embedded operatings systems like VxWorks, LynxOS and Microware's OS9.

In the open source world he was once and user of NetBSD and OpenBSD in addition to FreeBSD. These days he'd prefer to just use FreeBSD.

In 20 years of consulting he has worked in the automotive, building materials, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, telecommunications, defence and business systems industries.

As a FreeBSD developer, his latest project is the port of Sun Microsystems' DTrace from OpenSolaris to FreeBSD.


jb at what-creek dot com