BSDCan2008 - Final - we hope

BSDCan 2008
The Technical BSD Conference

Josh Paetzel

Josh Paetzel is an open source user, system administrator, advocate, and contributor.

Having his request to "learn unix" answered with FreeBSD 2.1.5 CDs being sent in the mail from a friend, Josh immediately recognized FreeBSD as a more powerful solution than windows 95/DOS, reinstalled his desktop and never looked back.

Professionally he is the sole proprieter of BSD Unix Consulting, LLC, providing BSD-based services to businesses that have a need for stable and robust solutions.

As a volunteer Josh started and runs TCBUG (Twin Cities BSD User Group) and is a fairly active FreeBSD ports contributor/maintainer and occassional docs contributor, as well as random question answerer on various mailing lists and IRC. He also provides the management for PC-BSD's infrastructure.