BSDCan2008 - Final - we hope

BSDCan 2008
The Technical BSD Conference

Leslie Hawthorn
Day Talks - 1 (2008-05-16)
Room B
Start time 16:00
Duration 01:00
ID 95
Event type lecture
Track Invited Talks
Language en

Google SoC

Summer of Code

In this talk, I will briefly discuss some general ways Google's Open Source Team contributes to the wider community. The rest of the talk will explore some highlights of the Google Summer of Code program, our initiative to get university students involved in Open Source development.

I will cover the program's inception, lessons learned over time and tips for success in the program for both mentors and students. In particular, the talk will detail some experiences of the *BSD mentoring organizations involved in the program as a case study in successfully managing the program from the Open Source project's perspective. Any Google Summer of Code participants in the audience are welcome and encouraged to chime in with their own insights.