BSDCan2008 - Final - we hope

BSDCan 2008
The Technical BSD Conference

Rafal Jaworowski
Day Talks - 2 (2008-05-17)
Room A
Start time 10:00
Duration 01:00
ID 74
Event type lecture
Track Embedded
Language en

Interfacing embedded FreeBSD with U-Boot

Working with the de facto standard for an initial level boot loader

In the embedded world U-Boot is a de facto standard for an initial level boot loader (firmware). It runs on a great number of platforms and architectures, and is open source.

This talk covers the development work on integrating FreeBSD with U-Boot-based systems. Starting with an overview of differences between booting an all-purpose desktop computer vs. embedded system, FreeBSD booting concepts are explained along with requirements for the underlying firmware.

Historical attempts to interface FreeBSD with this firmware are mentioned and explanation given on why they failed or proved incomplete. Finally, the recently developed approach to integrate FreeBSD and U-Boot is presented, with implementation details and particular attention on how it's been made architecture and platform independent, and how loader(8) has been bound to it.