BSDCan2007 - Confirmed Schedule

BSDCan 2007
The Technical BSD Conference

Howard Harvey

Howard is an itinerant protocol/device driver hacker with a couple decades experience with BSD based OSes dating back to BSD Vaxen and SunOS on 68K based VME boards in the early to mid '80s. He is particularly cognizant of the difference between 20 years experience and 1 year of experience 20 times.

Howard was granted a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Calgary in '84. For the past couple of decades he has been involved in all manner of projects where BSD-based computers and odd bits of hardware have been forcibly coerced into somewhat peaceful coexistence. Starting with device drivers for odd things like magneto-optical disks and bizarre network interfaces on SunOS in the 80s, he has successfully managed to peddle his threadbare ragbag of tricks to a variety of corporations and research organizations who for some reason seem to keep asking him back, primarily for entertainment purposes I suspect.

Somehow in that period of time Howard has managed to became entangled in the weird intersection of Unix systems administration and device driver development, where he has spent the last 10 years working on how does one cram an operating system and related useful applications into the smallest and nastiest possible place, primarily in the military communications and aerospace/marine environments. This peculiar direction is primarily due to a distasteful encounter with an IBM mainframe and JCL early in his professional career, and deciding that workstations and PCs were much too popular to be truly useful in "edge" applications. When not trying to figure out why his device drivers seem to be misbehaving, he can usually be found tinkering with motorcycles, or riding them to "edge" places in western Canada or the North Western United States.


howard dot harvey at shaw dot ca