BSDCan2007 - Confirmed Schedule

BSDCan 2007
The Technical BSD Conference

George Neville-Neil

George Neville-Neil works on Operating Systems, Networking and Security for fun and profit.

I am the co-author of _The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System_. Recently I have been working on merging the FreeBSD IPv6 stack with the FAST_IPSEC implementation so that both can be used in the sam kernel. I am also working on open source test tools and libraries for network protocol design and conformance testing (see

Aside from my technical work on FreeBSD I am also a member of the core team, the FreeBSD security team, as well as a columnist for ACM's Queue magazine where I write as Kode Vicious.

My research interests are Operating Systems, Networking, Security and Code Spelunking (

My full resume can be found at