BSDCan2017 - 0722b

BSDCan 2017
The Technical BSD Conference

Day Talks #1 - 9 June - 2017-06-09
Room DMS 1110
Start time 12:30
Duration 00:45
ID 791
Event type Workshop
Track BOF
Language used for presentation English

Tor on the BSDs

a BoF for those running or interested in running Tor on a BSD

We do not have a leader for this BoF.

Hosted by the Tor BSD Diversity Project (TDP), this BoF session will focus on the BSDs as a platform for Tor relays and bridges.

For attendees not fully familiar with Tor, some preliminary preparation will be useful. For those looking to get a Tor relay or bridge operational at the session, bring a laptop to access the remote target system with a clean BSD install ready for Tor.

The BoF will introduce the basics of onion-routing, then move into the gritty details of the torrc configuration file.

By the conclusion of this session, there should be a small but real increase in the number of BSD relays running on the Tor network.

For those without bare-metal systems to employ, <here> is a list of BSD virtual private server providers.