Conference Schedule - BSDCan 2023

OpenBSD system calls and the BEAM

Date: 2023-05-19
Time: 09:15–10:00
Room: DMS 1110
Level: Intermediate

Elixir is a proramming language that runs on the BEAM. Organizations such as Spotify, Discord, and WhatsApp ( and many more ) use the BEAM to provide soft realtime fault tolerant systems. This usually includes a single lightweight BEAM process being associated with a single user connection - thus, message passing internal to the VM can be used to facilitate realtime communication.

This talk goes through the process of plumbing system calls through to Elixir, and explores some of the use cases of doing so, specifically on OpenBSD.

This talk doesn't make any assumptions around knowledge of the BEAM or Elixir - there will be an introduction to both included.


Robert Keizer