Conference Schedule - BSDCan 2020

Aaron Poffenberger

Twitter: @akpoff

Aaron Poffenberger has been using OpenBSD since he first installed 3.3 and discovered how simple installation should be. He has spent most of the past 24 years developing commercial security software, specializing in secure-API design and implementation. He also has a long-running interest in building and running mail servers and fighting spam.

Aaron spent 8 years in Toastmasters where he completed most of the levels in public speaking and leadership. He won or placed in numerous public-speaking contests in the Houston area, and has continued to hone his public-speaking skills by presenting technical talks in his work and professional life, including BSDCan, vBSDCon, and BSidesAustin.

Aaron is also an amateur-radio licensee (KG5DQJ). He earned his first license many years ago when CW (Morse Code) was still a requirement. He's interested in all radio modes in general but digital modes and SDR in particular.