Conference Schedule - BSDCan 2020

A desktop based on FreeBSD kernel with commercial Linux Applications compatible

Date: 2020-06-05
Time: 10:15 - 11:00
Room: Stream 2
Level: Advanced

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This talk summarizes the work to create a desktop based on FreeBSD kernel with Linux user space stacks. Most of the third part applications officially release Microsoft Windows or Ubuntu version, but not include FreeBSD, and many applications are even no FreeBSD version. The objective of our work is to create a desktop compatible with Linux applications, not only the base window system, like X-window/Wayland, but also the complex applications, like chrome browser, or other commercial applications with no source code. Although the FreeBSD kernel has provided Linux ABIs to support the Linux applications, but it is not enough, and many Linux features are still not supported very well, like some Linux Syscalls, Linux sysFS, Linux procFS, Netlink, USBFS, and so on. And these features prevent the commercial Linux applications to run on FreeBSD. Our work address these issues to create a desktop based on FreeBSD kernel and enable the commercial Linux applications for the specific industrial areas.


Alvin Chen