BSDCan2018 - 1.54

BSDCan 2018
The Technical BSD Conference

Ayaka Koshibe

Ayaka Koshibe is interested in various things SDN.

Ayaka got really tired of being technophobic after failing to get online in the dorms during freshman year in college. One thing led to another, and she ended up majoring in electrical/computer engineering and finding out about the BSDs.

Ayaka currently works at Big Switch Networks as an engineer in the SDN controller platform team. She has previously worked on SDN control applications at ON.Lab (ONF), and on OpenFlow deployment for the GENI campus trials at Rutgers University. Outside of work, Ayaka maintains a fork of the Mininet network emulation tool that runs on FreeBSD and OpenBSD, and maintains the port for the latter as a developer. She also attempts to draw from time to time.