BSDCan2018 - 1.54

BSDCan 2018
The Technical BSD Conference

Devin Teske

Devin Teske has been a src committer since 2012 and a ports committer since 2018. In the base Operating System, she writes and maintains the [Forth] FreeBSD boot loader menu, bsdinstall (formerly sysinstall), bsdconfig, sysrc, dpv, libfigpar, and now dwatch (the subject of this talk). In the ports tree, she has 6 ports in sysutils and net-p2p. She has worked for the United States Dept of Defense as well as banking, storage, and entertainment industries. Currently she works at Smule, enabling 60 million+ people world-wide upload over 40TB of new content daily from the Sing! iOS and Android apps.


dteske at FreeBSD dot org