BSDCan2018 - 1.54

BSDCan 2018
The Technical BSD Conference

Bob Beck
Day Talks #1 - 8 June - 2018-06-08
Room DMS 1120
Start time 10:00
Duration 01:00
ID 968
Event type Podium
Track Security
Language used for presentation English

Adventures in OpenBSD pledge

SIGABRT is your friend.

A technical discussion of OpenBSD pledge(2), including recent/forthcoming changes.

OpenBSD has been integrating pledge(2) into a large portion of the OpenBSD base system.

Pledge has not been static however, and has some aspects that are continuing to evolve. in this talk we will review pledge briefly for the uninitiated, and why it exists, as well as discussing where and how pledge has been used in OpenBSD to date.

We will discuss how programs are adapted for use with pledge. and examine recent/forthcoming additions of exec/execpromises and pledgepath and how they are used to make programs more secure.