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BSDCan 2016
The Technical BSD Conference

Massimiliano Stucchi
Day Tutorials #2 - 9 June - 2016-06-09
Room DMS 1120
Start time 13:00
Duration 03:00
ID 707
Event type Workshop
Track Tutorial
Language used for presentation English

Creating a nice IPv6 addressing plan

or, how do I use all that address space ?

ARIN, the internet registry for north America, recently ran out of IPv4 addresses. This means that if an organisation needs IPv4, they have to get on a waiting list and hope for address space to be returned by some other organisations going bankrupt. This means that the rate of IPv6 adoption is going up in the region, and this also means that system administrators need to get up to speed with it. A /48 is common as address space assigned to a business customer from an ISP, and that involves 65536 networks. This means a lot of address space to use, but not to waste. This tutorial is simply about this.

Preparing an addressing plan that takes the organisation's needs into account can be challenging, especially if done with an IPv4 mindset. The goal of this tutorial is to make sure that the participants understand the requirements for running IPv6 in an enterprise environment, and learn how to "colour" the addresses to give them a meaning.

The tutorial starts with a theoretical part, and then delves into an exercise with different possible scenarios that puts the participants into the shoes of somebody that has to implement IPv6 in a mid-sized organisation. Preparing an addressing plan for it, with the requirements from different departments and facing logistical and technical challenges is the heart of this tutorial. It will prepare the participants to face the IPv6 challenge with the ability to prepare clean, scalable and easy-to-use addressing plans for their own infrastructure or for their customers. At the end, if time permits, there is also the possibility of enriching the addressing plan experience with an exercise about security policies regarding the addressing plan we just worked on.